The Negative Impacts Of Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of our society. Nearly everyone you talk to is either on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It is a fun way to connect with friends, family and even celebrities.

Although there are many benefits when it comes to using social media, there are also negative impacts that it may be having on our society. People are becoming more distracted by their phones, people are becoming more impatient, cyber-bullying is on the rise, and people are missing out on real-life moments.

By being aware of the negative impacts that social media can have on a person, we can all live happier and fuller lives.

How Social Media Distracts Us

How many times a day do you find yourself checking your phone? The feeling of getting likes, comments or shares can be very addicting.

When the phone buzzes, most people are unable to ignore it. You see people everywhere checking their phones.From driving, working, walking down the street and even in a movie theater, people check their phones anytime they get a new notification. Stopping what you are doing to see what new notification you got can be dangerous, annoying to others and flat-out rude. When in public, try to be aware of others around you and make sure you are paying attention to them, not your phone.

Distracted drivers are becoming more and more common. With people hardly being able to ignore the distraction of their phones, crashes due to distracted driving are all too common. When driving, make sure to either turn your phone off or to put it somewhere that you know will not be a temptation to grab.

How Social Media Is Lessening Attention Spans

Because of constant distractions, people are becoming more impatient and are shortening their attention spans. The speed at which people scroll through their social media feeds is alarming. Most people don’t even take the time to read posts. They only stop if an image catches their attention.

The impact that social media is having on people’s attention is transitioning into other areas of interest. News stations and magazines have to change their content because of people’s short attention spans. Articles are becoming shorter while image sizes are increasing. Writers have to focus most of their efforts and content into the first paragraph because the chance of people reading through the entire article is so slim.

We need to all realize that sometimes attention to detail is key. Make sure to slow down and enjoy things more, rather than skimming through everything as fast as possible.

How Social Media Promotes Bullying

Because people are able to able to speak to almost anyone in the world without having to face him or her, bullying is on the rise. Cyber-bullying is a growing problem in our society, and not just with kids.

When you are typing to someone on your phone or computer, you are more likely to say things that you normally wouldn’t if you were speaking with that person face-to-face. Because of this, people are becoming more aggressive and harsh online.

While someone may think that they are just having fun, cyber-bullying has a lasting impact on its victims. The impacts can range from depression all the way to suicide.

Make sure to think twice about how you are wording your posts and tweets. Think about what you are saying and how it will impact those who read it. If you find yourself the victim of cyber-bullying, try removing yourself from the situation. Either block that person or take a break from social media.

How Social Media Causes Us To Miss Out On Real Life

How many times have you gone on vacation or to a beautiful location just to see people with their phones out? Rather than enjoying the scenery, they are taking selfies, updating their status and checking-in.

Instead of enjoying the moment, people are too worried about letting everyone else know how much fun they are having. Don’t let this happen to you. Remember that memories are best enjoyed through your eyes, not through a screen.

Don’t Let The Negative Impacts Of Social Media Shape You

There are both good and bad influences that social media can have on a person. By being aware of both sides, we can all make sure to avoid the dangers of being distracted, lessening our attention spans, bullying or being bullied, and missing out on life.

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Best Tech Gifts for Pokémon Go Fans

With the recent release of the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, people around the globe are crazy for Pokémon. Different business and retailers are taking full advantage of this fad by selling new merchandise and tech. Here is our list of the best Pokémon tech for any fan!

Pokémon Sun and Moon

Besides Pokémon Go, the latest games that have been released are Pokémon Sun and Moon. These games explore the a new region, Alola. They are only compatible with Nintendo 3DS. Just like the games before it, you get to explore the region, meet and battle other trainers, catch new Pokémon, and build up your Pokédex!

Pokémon Go Plus

If you are still obsessed with Pokémon Go, this is the perfect accessory! This bracelet device is great for those who don’t want to constantly be holding their phone while playing the game. To use the device, you first have to connect it via bluetooth to your cell phone. Then, when a Pokémon is nearby, the bracelet will flash a LED light and vibrate. At least now, the next time you play with your friend, they won’t look as obsessed with the game.

Crystal Pokéball

A crystal pokéball is the perfect tech decoration for any fan! Each pokéball is see-through glass in which you can see the pokémon you choose! Choices include: Charizard, Squirtle, Mew, Pikachu, Gengar, Venosaur, and Eevee. It also has 7 different LED light options to chooses from. It easily works by just plugging into a wall adapter and 3 AA batteries. You can give it to a friend as a night light or as a desk decoration at work!

Pokémon Keyboard Decal and Computer Sleeve

What fans of anything love to do is show their fandom by decorating their computer! Available on Etsy, you can order a customized keyboard decal featuring the pokémon of your choosing! However, they can only be used for 11” Macbook and Macbook Air computers.

To decorate your Mac even more, you can also get a pokémon themed computer sleeve! Redbubble has a variety of computer sleeves to choose from such as those including Slowpoke, Pikachu, Haunter, and Pokéballs. They run for about $35, and can be for 12”, 13”, or 15” Mac computers.

Nintendo Pokémon Over-The-Ear Headphones

Another way to show the pokémon spirit is getting these over-the-ear headphones! They are colored white and red, and have pokéballs on the outside of the ear cushions. They are just like normal headphones that you plug into any device sound jack, and only cost $20 at Target!

Pikachu USB

This is a subtle and adorable accessory for any techy! It can hook onto your keychain so it stays with you all day long. This Pikachu also stores a lot of power! It stores up to 16GB. So whenever someone is in a bind and forgot their USB, Pikachu will be there to save the day!

Pokémon Cell Phone Case

There are an unlimited amount of Pokémon cases to choose from whether on the official Pokémon site or etsy. On Etsy, you can find 3D printed iPhone cases that look like a pokédex. There’s more of a variety of Case Gorrilla if you are not sure what you are looking for. You will find cases featuring your favorite pokémon characters to looking like a pokéball. On the official Pokémon site, you will find 7 phone cases to choose from such as one of Mewtwo.

These are all affordable and great tech gifts for the Pokemon Go Fans in your life! They will now be well prepared the next time they want to catch’em all!

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Top Tech Gear in 2017

The best way to make sure that you always have the latest gear in your electronics arsenal is by staying up-to-date on the latest gear. Those that are tech-savvy probably know what’s coming out before it comes out. For the rest of us, we have to read up about the latest gear if we want to know about what’s coming out in the coming years.

2017 is going to be a great year for electronics. There are improvements being made to virtual reality gaming, as well as simple gadgets that can improve the daily lives of those who use them. There are lots of people out there who are exciting about the Nintendo Switch as well, a device which Nintendo hopes changes the way people use their consoles from now on. The truth is that there are lots of reasons to be excited about technology in 2017.

2017’s Top Tech Gear

Nomad Wallet with Built-in Battery for iPhone

This simple wallet may change the way people think about wallets in the future. It’s available on Amazon, and has a built-in lightning charger so that the owner can charge their phone from the comfort of their wallet. Some of the negative reviews include comments saying that the wallet is too large or that its card slots are too tight, but it’s still a great place to start in the wallet market for those that are wanting to keep their phone charged on-the-go.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is the newest console from Nintendo, and it’s coming out March 3rd. Those that are wondering what the device is all about just have to picture a hybrid between a console, a Wii, and a tablet. The Switch can be taken on-the-go or used in a stationary place. It can be pre-ordered for $300 directly from Nintendo. It’s sure to have an impact on the entire console market.

Oculus Touch

Fans of the recent virtual reality advancements will enjoy Oculus Touch. It requires the Oculus Rift headset to be relevant, but it makes the users’ hands translate into the virtual reality game. There are 2 controllers that the user wears on their hands. It then allows them to use their natural hand and finger movements in the virtual reality game that they’re playing. This one’s also available on Amazon

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus was technically released in 2016, but going into 2017 it’s going to stay one of the best products, especially as its price starts to decrease. It has a wonderful dual-camera system that gives it the ability to zoom and take beautiful, crisp shots. It also has the ability to shoot video in 4K resolution, and it shoots slow-mo videos in 1080p. It’s one of the most powerful smartphones the world has ever seen.

Xbox One S

One of the most popular consoles in the latter half of 2016, 2017 is going to be another year for the consoles from Microsoft. With Xbox Live and all the other great features of the device, it’s going to stay one of the most popular consoles.

2017 is going to be a great year for the tech industry. Consumers are still eating up the PS4 Pro, the Xbox One S, and the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. With some great new releases this coming year, things will only continue to heat up in the consumer electronics world. I, for one, am hoping to acquire either an iPhone 7 Plus or a DSLR camera this year, so that I can take better photos and videos and maybe even start a business for it.

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Top Android Smartphones With the Best Batteries

Every time that you go to buy a smartphone, it is important to note that all features are dependent on the battery. A phone with longer battery life allows you to enjoy the holiday more, complete extensive projects, and get higher value from the phone. However, rarely is the battery life the key item when new smartphones are released. To get more from a smartphone, it is important to ensure you focus on the battery by asking more questions about it, reading through manufacturers notes, and more importantly checking on expert reviews. In this post, we explore the top six smartphones with the best batteries.

The Google Pixel XL

This is one of the finest handsets in the market today running on Android platform. Though it does not come cheap, it is the inbuilt features and capabilities that make it worth. The Best of these features is the unique Li-Ion batteries that can last up to 2 days when used lightly. When used optimally, the smartphone still beats others because it will last for full 24 hours (1 day) before requiring a recharge.

When you hit 20% of the total charge; the phone shifts to the power saving mode. It closes programs not in reduces the operations of some features such as dimming the screen. You are, therefore, sure of not being cut from the network.

Huawei Mate 8

The Huawei Mate 8 is a smartphone that has demonstrated its unique capability to last for a very long time before dying off. With moderate use, the user is sure of taking the entire weekend without requiring a recharge. Just like the battery, the Huawei Mate also features a great display, great processor and large RAM of up to 3GB depending on the selected model.

Asus Zenfone Max

Asus Zenfone Max is designed with a large battery that packs a lot of power to take you more than 24 hours. In addition to the great battery life, the smartphone also features a large display of 5.5 inches and a very fast processor. These coupled with a large memory of 4GB and 4G LTE internet makes the phone super fast whether running direct applications or downloading programs.

Samsung Galaxy S 7 Edge

Samsung is one of the top smartphones that have won the hearts of many because of its features. Its battery is stunning and will go for more than 24 hours when used lightly. Other top features that make Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge one of the best in the market is its great processing power, dust proof cover, very attractive screen, and large memory that makes it the best option for multitasking.

Moto Z Play

The Moto Z Play was designed with the intention of bringing together style and performance. Apart from the fast processing capability, big memory, 4G internet capability, the phone has made a name for its great battery. Once the battery is charged to capacity, it can go for a couple of days when used moderately. Notably, the battery allows you to plug into a power bank so that you can extend the stay on holiday or away from them mains indefinitely.

DROID Turbo 2

This is one of the top smartphones in the market that preferred by users because of top specs especially the processing capacity, large RAM and great camera. Though review professionals have indicated that the battery cannot run for long when operating optimally because of the many applications, it pulls a surprise of several days on minimal use. When used optimally, the smartphone will take slightly more than one day which is considered sufficient.

How To Unlock Your Android Smartphone

Do you feel that your current telephone provider is offering a raw deal, and want to shift to a different network? You do not have to purchase a brand new phone because the current one is locked. Simply unlock it. When you unlock a phone, you have the advantage of using any line on it as opposed to being tied to one company that you had entered into a contract with from the beginning. Besides, the phone can also be used outside the country when you travel abroad. In this post, we review a step by step procedure on how to unlock an Android smartphone.  

Check whether your phone is indeed locked

While most phone companies lock their smartphones to tie clients to a single provider, there are others that do not. How can you know whether the phone is indeed locked? If the phone under consideration was bought from a service provider, there is a high probability that it is already locked. Companies like AT&T and T-Mobile always sell their handsets locked to their services. However, if you bought the smartphone from major open end stores such as Amazon and Ebay, the phone is not locked. It is important to note that even if you acquired a smartphone from a company that does not lock its handsets; that alone cannot be an assurance that it will operate well with other carriers.  Call the current provider and enquire whether the phone is locked before making the next step to unlock it.

There are two main methods of unlocking the phone; using the carrier and seeking paid services.

Unlocking the smartphone using the current service provider

This is the recommended method of getting your phone unlocked. When service providers lock customer phones, they retain special codes that are required for unlocking. To get the codes, you must follow the respective company rules and regulations.

  • Check the requirements for unlocking the phone with the current provider. Every carrier draws independent requirements that largely target discouraging customers from shifting. The common requirement is that users much have used their lines for several months and have no outstanding debts. Some might ask you for reasons to leave to know why clients are leaving.
  • Submit a formal request for your phone unlock. This step can only be done after meeting all the requirements. The formal request is used to generate reference numbers and confirm authenticity. Once the company has ascertained you are compliant with its rules, an unlocking code will be sent to you.
  • Enter the unlock code on the phone to unlock it. Using a different line (preferably of the new company you want to shift to), turn off and restart the phone. You will be required to input the unlocking code that was provided by the previous provider. Turn the phone off and on to confirm that the unlock process has been completed successfully.

Using a commercial agent to unlock the phone

If you do not want to follow the lengthy procedure of getting in touch with the provider that you are running away from, the alternative is using a commercial agent. Unlock agents are commercial establishments that buy the codes and sell to target clients at a profit. Though the procedure of getting the phone unlocked is in many aspects the same, commercial agents have mastered the stages so well and build necessary connections to complete the process faster. Note that the code that commercial agents will give you might require a slightly different process to get your Android smartphone unlocked.

Before making the final shift, experts’ advice clients to ensure they carefully review the target network and establish its efficiency. In particular, it is important to evaluate personal communication (calls, texts, and data) requirements to select the right tariff.

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Best Uses of Smartphones for Parenting

Smartphones have been useful in our everyday activities. Our personal and professional transactions require the use of modern devices to have our work done. How smartphones have been doing works that we used to create only in a desktop have now come to the age where technology is present everywhere and anybody can own it. Smartphones already function like a computer.

Communicate and Discipline Without Yelling

It’s not a good idea to infiltrate your child’s mind with nagging and yelling. Verbal abuse is even worst than physical abuse. And your child will not learn from his or her mistakes if they are always expected to be perfect. Send your child text messages with love and care. When you make a phone call talk to your child with respect and understanding. Do not think that you have the authority over your kids because you are adult and they are just children. Use your gadgets and devices as a means to good communication. Bridge the gap of generation gap. Don’t let modern technology be a substitute of being a parent, instead make it a way to be part of your child’s world.

Picture Perfect

Create memories with photos and videos in your phone. Bond with your child and take picture of that special moment. It is a way of showing them that simple joys bring lasting memories. It is your present that your child needs even you are busy with work or business. Indeed, picture paints a thousand words, for at times, to express one’s self is not enough through words but by actions.

Learn Together

Your smartphones can be downloaded of different child friendly and educational applications good for children who start to learn. It is a way of spending quality time with your child by guiding how to use the apps, how to use the smartphone, and how to discover your child’s interests and skills. By spending time together learning from your smartphones you’ll be able to know if your child is interested in music than in arts? Or if your child likes to watch planets, the space and other heavenly bodies, or if your child likes animals and their habitat. You’ll be able to discover if your child loves drawing than listening to songs and stories. There are a lot of ways your smartphones can create venue for parenting a child. By spending more time teaching and guiding your child you also learn to be contented with simple ways that life can offer and realize that advancement of technology has already done a lot to make our lives easier and faster, all we have to do is not to rely on the technology by being dependent on it but to use it only to gain comfort and convenience. Be a parent with the aid of technology, not make the technology do the parenting and replace your role. – read this blog and find out how you can use your smartphone as a monitoring tool to track your teenager’s cell phone activities.

Top 5 XBOX One Games of 2017

Heading into the New Year is an exciting time for gamers. Maybe they got a new console for Christmas, or maybe they are just excited for the new games that are coming out in January. Either way, the start of 2017 is set to be an exciting one for those who love their XBOX One. The good news is that there are some new games coming out that console gamers need to be aware of. There are also some that were recently released that are just as exciting.

Whether someone prefers sports games, shooters, or role-playing games, there is bound to be something for everyone going into the New Year. There’s so much to look forward to when it comes to console games, it’s no wonder that the consoles themselves sold so well leading up to the holiday season.

Anyway, it’s time to look at some of the most exciting games for XBOX One heading into 2017. There are more than these set to be released next year, obviously, but these offer a wide range of the type of games coming into 2017. 

5 Exciting XBOX One Games from 2017

Battlefield 1

Though not a new release, Battlefield 1 will stay one of the most popular games through the holiday and on into the New Year. Many recent XBOX One S buyers recently got a BF1 download along with their new console, so they will no doubt be playing it on into 2017. The newest release from the Battlefield franchise takes place during World War 1, and there are a variety of upgrades that make IT an upgrade over the previous Battlefield installments. From the campaign to the multiplayer Battlefield 1 is a game worth playing on into 2017.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Beta signups have begun for the next installment of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series. Taking place in Bolivia, Ghost Recon Wildlands takes XBOX gamers into the role of special ops soldiers whose mission is to take down the Santa Blanca drug cartel. Offering complete gear customization, a feature that was lacking in the previous installments, Wildlands is set to be one of the top games heading into the first few months of the New Year. Users can apply to be featured in the beta here.

Crackdown 3

Though the third installment of Crackdown 3 won’t be released until the tail end of 2017, it still has a lot of console gamers excited about its release. One interesting thing about the new release of Crackdown is that it’s most interested game mode will be multiplayer, as it will be partnering with the cloud system of Microsoft to gain more efficiency and versatility in the gameplay. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

Set to release in the fall of 2017, the second installment of Red Dead Redemption is going to be a big upgrade over the last few installments from Rockstar Games. The makers of Grand Theft Auto are thrilled about the new Red Dead Redemption, a shooter full of cowboys in the American West. With deep, intricate single-player and users are expectant for some thrilling online play as well. Rockstar changed the game with their open-world Grand Theft Autos series, and they’re hoping to do the same with the next installment of the Red Dead series.

2017 is bound to be a great year for XBOX One gamers. Those who need a new game to catch their interest are sure to find a game to jump into. Whether they prefer role-playing, open-world games, or shooters like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon or Battlefield 1, there’s bound to be some sort of game for any console lover to enjoy. 

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Basic Info about Phone Monitoring Software

Days are gone when someone could cheat on you and go unpunished thanks to the cell phone spy software. In the past, mobile devices were regressive. They were just for calls, and failure was also the order of the day with problems of connectivity/networking. As at now, the biggest proportion of phone users have either android or iPhone devices. These are advanced gadgets that can multitask. Modern devices can accept new applications. A million tasks can hence be done just by one device; such incredibleness. Most importantly, these devices are Wi-Fi supported and can access the internet; the network that makes the globe a village. With the right technology or spyware, you can be able to track everything about a given specific device. Just like the FBI do it, but of course it has to be legal.

Completely legal

Modern law has given every individual the right of privacy. People often wonder how the cell phone tracking software can be legal. All they do is completely expose everything the mobile user has done with the help of the phone. Every website visited, every call, message, email, location and other private data on the phone can be revealed with the best spyware software. The best part is that you are allowed to do all that. However, there are some terms of use with this product. You don’t just go spying on anyone you think like you want to. That will be negligence and the court has an answer to that. Here are the main terms;

  • Let the targets know of it – it should be made clear to the people who are being spied that, you are actually carrying out the investigation. That’s fair for all as when they decide to sin, they will do it following their own instincts knowing clearly that what they are doing is illegal. Just like you find a poster saying no dumping. If you damp your banana pill there, my friend, you are in for it.
  • Own legal authority – the person tracking the other should first have some jurisdiction. It’s mostly the seniors tracking the juniors and not the other way round. Maybe for special cases. A parent for example has all the rights to spy on the son’s mobile phone. It’s a disciplinary precaution with kids being super digital these days.

If you satisfy these conditions, no one will come to you with a lawsuit.

Who needs spy software?

Anybody can find it necessary to use this software if only you meet the outlined terms. Mostly it’s the parents and the employers.

  • Parents – kids having phones was a restricted thing some years back. Now, it is almost irresistible. With all the million tasks that an android phone can do, it would be naïve to just let the kid use the phone just like that. Don’t be surprised to see your son knowing more about phones than you do. That’s is why you will need the tracking software for regulation. You need not tell you kid about any tracking underlay. Do it secretly is the best way.
  • Company personnel monitoring – with kids, you have total power. With employees in a company, there are limits. Using the cell phone tracking software on employees require noticing them first. In addition, don’t bother with the personal content that don’t bother the company. You would not love that being done on you too, I trust.

Can you count on them?

How the mobile monitoring software works gives you the guarantee that you will be in the know of anything not right. You just have to install the app on the mobile phone targeted and the tracking company will take over. They will use their servers to collect all relevant info about the device and then send it to you. You log in to your created profile, enter the password and download the monitoring reports.